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Scott's Power Growth I-Team 

  Comprehensive Business Assessment & Profit Map
    This program is for those that want strategic direction and help identifying their top opportunities for growth and profit. Typically, participants will bundle this coaching service with The Power of ONE and/or Leverage Your Success interactive Self-Study audio programs.

Part 1: 10 Page Questionnaire

The first part is designed to provide us with an overview and profile of your business. The CBA provides a snapshot of where your business is at this moment allowing us to make informed, customized coaching recommendations to meet your unique business challenges.

Our first priority is to have you generate "in your pocket" cash profits to more than pay for our services, Scott really likes it when clients are working with us for "free", paid for entirely by the new profits we have helped you generate (many of our clients recoup their entire investment in 60 — 90 days and our track record has been excellent; in fact, one recent client will earn over $687,000 from what he learned from his CBA!).

Part 2: Your CBA Coaching Call

The initial CBA telephone meeting with BGD is performed in two parts; first your coach will review your completed CBA with you and probe deep for golden nugget opportunities. Then using our Power Knowledge Database and Scott's proprietary systems, we'll uncover hidden (and under-leveraged) assets and low hanging fruit opportunities that exist in your business, which can immediately impact your sales and profits.

Part 3: The Profit Map™

The outcome of your CBA meeting will be a customized Profit Map™, which will pinpoint the precise opportunities, and specific strategies and tactics to deploy, that you should worked on in order. Typically we focus on these three areas depending on your specific needs:

1. Maximize the Transactional Value of Every Customer/clients/patients
2. Develop a SYSTEMATIC New Client Acquisition Process
3. Management - Mastering Implementation and Execution

Your unique environment, capabilities, financial circumstances, competitive market and personal goals are taken into account in the creation of the top opportunities.

The Profit Map™ is a graphic display of the your business opportunities in each of the these three business areas. It looks a little like Organizational Chart but it is focused on the opportunities uncovered during your CBA process.

In addition to helping you get organized around your opportunity's, it also stores all of your CBA findings in one easy to reference location for future use. The Profit Map™ is also where you start to break down the action steps involved to fully implement the systems and strategies needed to harness your new profits. Lastly, we will provide a summary of potential profits from each of the top five opportunities.

This "graphic"depiction enables you to quickly review your progress and acts as a reminder to the things that will make the biggest difference in your business. It also prevents great ideas from slipping through the cracks while you are working on your immediate opportunities.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: A $300,000 company receives a 1,000% ROI with just a 3% impact!

To sign up for CBA — Profit Map Coaching call 1-800-409-6626/847-462-5802 for qualifications and requirements.


Scott's Power Growth I-Team
    The "I" stands for "Implementation" and that's what we will do - Implement the Power Growth Strategies for you. That's right! The I-Team will implement all of Scott’s strategies in your company.

Here's just a few of the things the I-Team can do for you the development of powerful direct mail systems, to web site content, to complete sales systems, Power Point presentations and fully integrated sequential marketing programs!

This special group of trained consultants actually implements strategies based on Scott's Power of ONE™ program. We can even include our audio programs and 1 on 1 coaching services for your key team members to maximize their understanding of the strategies behind each process.

Our I-Team members have over 100 years of direct marketing experience available help you meet any business challenge or objective you may have and they are guided by Scott Hallman himself.

When appropriate, through our strategic partners we can act as your turn-key one stop shop for all your advertising, marketing and public relations needs both online and off.

The I-Team can also create the systems, procedures, incentives and collaterals to successfully train, motivate, report and measure the entire program, so you can ensure success and compliance with the program among your staff.

Imagine a one stop shop for all your media needs including; direct mail, email, online ads, print, pr, radio, telemarketing and TV.

Again, you and your business must qualify to participate in this level of service. Scott and his I-Team have very limited availability for this service. At this time we will only work with 5 companies on this level per six-month period to ensure success.

The investment ranges from $1,095 - $15,000 per month and depends on a number of complicated factors. One thing is certain, your profits will skyrocket and using The Power of Incremental Improvement™ you can expect to experience at least a 10x return on investment or greater.

--A current client's business who is located in the UK, is on track to increase his business by over 4 million dollars US from the past six month's of working with the I-Team - that represents a 3000% increase in profits.

For more information on qualifying and to arrange a private review
call 1-800-409-6626/847-462-5802 for qualifications and requirements or click the following link to email the I-Team  ITeam@bgdinc.com
Arbitrage Profit Club™
    Taking Your Winning Concepts National With Scott

Scott has built national companies from the ground up that have twice been named to Inc. Magazine's prestigious list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies (# 59 and 106) and has built a national IT company from $0-$85M in just 21 months. In addition, Scott has raised $77M in capital companies and bought and sold 11 companies.

In the Arbitrage Profit Club Program, you and Scott will form a separate corporation that will replicate your successful systems across the country. Scott and his ITEAM will focus on rapid deployment nationwide. Since most companies would NEVER take advantage of their intellectual capital opportunity, this program represents true "found money". Scott accepts only a handful of companies per year into this massive wealth creation program.

Listen as Ben Burney of Bankruptcy Practice Builders, Inc. tells about his $1M+ Windfall.

Arbitrage Club Entrance happens two ways:

1) From Coaching Client Breakthroughs that Scott creates during your coaching that far exceed client expectations.

2) Current Success systems that you have developed and want Scott's help rolling out.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This is not a franchise service. All Arbitrage opportunities are leveraged off simple, easy to duplicate success systems that require little time, money, effort or risk to roll out — that's the beauty!

For more information on qualifying and to arrange a private review call 1-800-409-6626/847-462-5802 for qualifications and requirements or click the following link to email the Arbitrage Club info@bgdinc.com.


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    PROFITNOW™ — How To Increase Profit 50%-100% IMMEDIATELY  With Little Time, Money, Effort or Risk

During this LIVE workshop with Scott Hallman, you will identify multiple, simple ways to turbo-charge you profits SYSTEMATICALLY. Learn how to increase the value of every transaction; Create a floodgate of referrals (using the Power of an "active" systems; How to turn customers into lifetime customers (add 200%-1000% to their value); How to increase the frequency of purchase; How to "Expand" your customers purchase patterns and; How to Leverage Strategic Partners to dramatically increase revenue.

    Leverage Your Success™ — How to Add A $250,000-$1,000,000 Profit Stream Doing EXACTLY What You Do Now

During this LIVE workshop with Scott Hallman, Scott shares his breakthrough technology that applies to EVERY business on the planet. It can INSTANTLY produce increase revenue and profit EFFORTLESSLY. Businesses in 146 countries from around the globe have produced dramatic results — From the leading online run company, to a top online reseller of used IT equipment, to plastic surgeon, physicians, chiropractors, a major metals recycler, and online clearinghouse for plastics machinery, and more.

Every business does many things well, but few do these things systematically - and this is costing them tons of lost profit. Established businesses will immediately produce results from this workshop, and start ups will avoid thousands to millions.

    Hierarchy of Opportunity™ — Focus your financial, intellectual, and human resources on the business opportunities that will produce the greatest results. 

In this LIVE workshop, Scott helps you focus your financial, intellectual, and human resources on the business opportunities that will produce the greatest results.


Every company faces many opportunities to improve quality, profits, the number of customers and so on. This unique workshop will help you to create order and select from all the opportunities present in your business today.


The fact is that every one of you have different skills, resources, market influences, business environmental issues, demographics, time challenges and a host of other issues and challenges that require you to "hierarchy" the order in which you work on your business opportunities. This is exactly what I will teach you how to do during our time together.

Speaking Engagements 

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    Million Dollar Intensive Development Weekend - Oct. 2004

Just 50 companies will join Scott in a three-day intensive development workshop that is guaranteed to produce at least $1,000,000 in new profit for each business that attends. This is not a seminar where you will merely learn powerful strategies but instead you and your team will produce powerful new profit generators on the spot — complete with the strategy, the campaign, the expected return of investment, the required procedures etc. You will leave this event with the HOW to implement anything in your business following Scott Implementation Success System that he used to build his companies.

Plus you will develop 12 months worth of profit generators that all require little, time, money, effort or risk. Every month stacking profits on top of profits that will continue for years to come.

WARNING: You will be required to work hard, stay focused, and move past your comfort zone. Your ideas and solutions will be critiqued by 49 other entrepreneurs to ensure they are sound and will predicatively produce results.

To pre-register for this powerful weekend call  1-800-409-6626/847-462-5802 for qualifications and requirements or click the following link to email the reservation team info@bgdinc.com.

    Guerilla Meets Karate Master (Closed)

With Chet Holmes, Jay Levinson (Guerilla Marketing) and Scott San Francisco, California March 5-7

Come join three business growth experts for three solid days where they will help you identify powerful super growth strategies and provide you with precise tools and tactics to effectively implement with precision. See your profits soar in 2004!

    Spiritual Marketing Super Summit (Closed)

Join Scott at Joe Vitale's (the king of internet marketing) Spiritual Marketing Super Summit where you will learn how to deploy the power of Integrated Marketing to turbo-charge your revenue and profits. Spiritual Marketing Super Summit in Austin, Texas January 15-18th, 2004

    Jay Abraham's Mastermind Summit (Closed)

Scott joined 9 other leading business growth experts including Mark-Victor Hansen, Fran Tarkinton (Hall of Fame quarterback), Michael Bausch (Co-founder of FedEx), and Chet Holmes at Jay Abraham's Mastermind Summit where he presented to 700 small businesses in Los Angeles.




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"Scott Hallman is the undisputed master of implementation.   I highly recommend his system,  if you want to turn great ideas into great profits."
-- Jay Abraham, 

The World's Most Expensive Marketing Consultant, Palos Verdes, CA


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