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Top Entrepreneur to Help You Uncover at Least $10,000 in Pure Profit From Your Existing Customers and Prospects - FREE

Scott Hallman, CEO of two Inc 500 companies is giving away a 30-minute Profit Brainstorming Session to Qualified Entrepreneurs
Scott Hallman

CEO of two Inc 500 companies and a $1B valued company is giving away a 30-minute Profit Brainstorming Session to Qualified Entrepreneurs

20 Lucky Business Owners Will Get to Participate in a Profit Brainstorming Session, One-on-One, With a Guy Whose Companies Were Named as One of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America -Twice (by Inc magazine) !

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

How's business?

Is this challenging economy affecting your revenues and profits? Perhaps significantly? Have you become more hesitant to spend marketing dollars? Are you looking for ways to increase customers and profits once again?

If so, read on to learn how you can participate in a one-on-one Profit Brainstorming Session with Scott Hallman, in order to uncover at least $10,000 in added profit from your current customers and prospects. There is no catch…but there is an "expectation" on your part, which I will share with you in a moment.

Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO. His companies have been named to the prestigious Inc 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America (#59 and #106). In addition, he built another start-up from $0-$85M in revenue in just 21 months, with an estimated value of $1 Billion!

For the last 8 years, Scott has developed and perfected a system, called ProfitNow™, for helping any business increase profitability from their existing customers and prospects. He has field tested this system with thousands of companies worldwide, including his private coaching clients who pay him $1,250 an hour and commit for a full year's retainer.

And now Scott is going to help 20 qualified companies, with revenues of $250,000 or greater, identify their greatest profit opportunities, and provide them with the step by step roadmap on HOW to implement these to produce measurable results - without spending any money on advertising or expensive marketing.

Whether You Are Prospering or Struggling, There's Likely
a Ton of Untapped Profit in Your Business -
Even in this Brutal Economy!

Scott started his first national company in the worst recession since the Great Depression, with $5,000 he borrowed from his landlord. He knows what it is like to navigate a business through a tough economy and how to do it on a shoestring budget.

So how is your business doing? Really?

  • Have your sales dropped off? How about profitability?
  • Have you optimized every aspect of what is successfully working in your business, to reap all the potential profits - i.e. maximizing sales conversion rates, reducing client acquisition cost, maximizing point of purchase selling, and maximizing the lifetime value of every customer - just to name a few?
  • Have you systematically prioritized your best opportunities - those that will yield the greatest return, yet require little or no capital?
  • Have you created a detailed game plan for where your growth will come from in the coming year?
  • Have you evaluated your competitors' strategies and developed a battle plan for how to combat them and even one-up them?
  • Do you have the right staff to take your business to the next level?
  • Do you have the needed capital to grow your business like you know you can?
  • Do you have the sales and marketing "basics" fully implemented, with effective reporting systems in place? (this one alone revolutionized Scott's business!)
  • Do you have the freedom you desire to take time off from your business and not allow your business to own you?

If 450 "Successful" Entrepreneurs Can Immediately Generate Profits of $10,000 or more So Can You

The Profit Generating System that Scott has created over the last 10 years is so powerful, that the results it generates are literally "Predictable" (Predictable Marketing is the title of Scott and Jay Levison's (Guerrilla Marketing Guru) upcoming book).

To help you grasp Scott's ability to quickly uncover profit opportunities in any business, let me share a recent story. Scott was a featured speaker at Tony Robbins “Ultimate Business Mastery’s Summit” where he conducted his ProfitNow™ 90 minute Workshop for participating business owners. He walked the audience through five profit strategies and provided them with real world examples of companies that are using these strategies to generate significant profits from their current prospects and customers. At the end of the presentation, participants were asked to share the profits they expected to generate from the ideas Scott revealed…Over 90% of the participants found at least $10,000 in profits (many over $100,000) and the total was a whopping $44.2M for the group!

"I have a Marketing Firm Focused on Lead Generation out Philadelphia, PA. Two years ago I did the FREE introduction call with Scott and he gave me some unbelievable profit strategies to try, which I did. Within 12 months, I was earning a profit of $35,000 a week! I then called Scott and immediately signed up for his Platinum Coaching Program (one-on-one with him), which begins with the Strategic Profit Planning Session. To my absolute amazement, he uncovered a whopping $5.0M in documented new profits streams for us in less than four hours! What is perhaps more amazing is that the actual profits generated in the first 30 days after doing the planning session are on pace to add $750,000 in profits this year and did not cost a penny to implement! "

Alex Whiting, Venture Eagle

Listen to Alex

Why Would a Seasoned CEO Give Away His Expertise To
Help Companies Find $5,000 in Added Profit?

It is simple. Scott is looking for a handful of companies that want to take the next step and get really deep with him by participating in a 10 hour intense strategizing, brainstorming, and tactical implementation coaching session with him, one-on-one, what he calls a "Strategic Profit Planning Session". The average participant of these "Strategic Profit Planning Sessions" finds $396,000 in new profit streams, with the minimum being over $150,000 out of the last 100 of these Scott has conducted.

But before he will even consider sharing the details of the "Strategic Profit Planning Session" he'll want to put at least $10,000 in your profit during a Free 30 Minute Call with you - one-on-one.

In just one 30 minute call, Scott will uncover at least $10,000 in added profits that you can immediately take advantage of in your business.

During this intense 30 minute call Scott will:

  • Drill down on 5 Instant Profit Generating Areas of Your Business - all that cost zero to implement.
  • Find hidden opportunities for you to increase your average $$$ per transaction.
  • Show you how to evaluate and improve your "Sales Conversion Drivers" to produce immediate sales and profit increases from your prospects.
  • Uncover how you can dramatically increase the frequency and longevity of your customer purchases.
  • Share with you simple ways to use Reporting Metrics to help you manage your business far more effectively.
  • Provide you with a Free Business Growth Audio Workshop to help you take advantage of the profit ideas he reveals ($129 value). This workshop provides the step-by-step system for implementing the best idea that Scott uncovers for you during your Free Session.
The $25,000 Challenge - Six Random Entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh Find a Whooping $5.8M in new potential profit streams In a Single 30 Minute Call With Scott Hallman - revealed on Business Talk Radio!

Listen to the Interview

To participate in the FREE Profit Brainstorming Call with Scott, simply fill out the 60 Second Qualification Form and I will call you for a 7 minute Qualification call so I can answer any questions and make sure you are set to maximize your time with him.

Pretty cool, eh? You get to spend 30 minutes with a successful CEO to capture his best ideas and provide you with feedback about your business….and walk away with a profit idea that can generate thousands of dollars for you. What could be better than that?

Scott's System Applies to Every Kind of Business,
Regardless of Industry, Size, or Location

Scott has applied his ProfitNow™ technology to companies ranging for start-ups to $6 billion companies, in a dozen countries, with entrepreneurs that range from "Marketing Mavericks" to "Marketing Challenged". His system works because entrepreneurs all make the same mistakes. They get consumed with the day to day business grind and lose site of the low hanging fruit that is right inside their business. Can you relate? Are you buried with day to day demands?

I mean, when was the last time you stopped and worked on optimizing your business? Worked on systematically increasing your marketing and sales conversion? Focused time on ensuring that you were maximizing the revenue you get from every customer, client or patient? Evaluated reports that give you an instantaneous view of your success (or failure) in the key areas of your company?

If you are like 97% of business owners, the answer is at the very least, "been a while" and more likely, "never".

Well, Scott will drill down quickly to help you identify opportunities in your business during your call with him. IMPORTANT: This Free Profit Session is not a comprehensive, detailed analysis of every aspect of your business to uncover every business growth, profit, and business management opportunity that you have (that is what the Strategic Profit Planning Session is all about). Instead, it is a mini-profit assessment that will yield you at least $10,000 in profit. This may include one simple idea or a few.

To participate in the FREE Profit Brainstorming Call with Scott, simply fill out the 60 Second Qualification Form and I will call you for a 7 minute Qualification call so I can answer any questions and make sure you are set to maximize your time with him.

For those of you that are dying to know what the full blown Strategic Profit Planning System™ consists of, here is a glimpse.

First of all, participation in this intense, 10 hour plus, one-on-one session with Scott is by invitation only. Scott reviews every aspect of your business in detail - including your marketing, sales, Internet marketing and conversion, management, systems, and uncovers every profit optimization opportunity you have.

Scott will only share the details with those Free Profit Coaching participants where he demonstrates at least a 10 fold increase in profits versus the cost of the Strategic Profit Planning System™. Plus, he will clearly show you that the program will be 100% totally self-funded from the added profits he helps you uncover immediately - essentially making the whole process FREE.

And since Scott conducts these personally, the available slots are strictly limited.

I know there is no catch but what about that "Expectation" you mentioned?

Simple, Scott is going to generate at least $10,000 in profit for your business…and if he does, and can convince you this is just the tip of the iceberg, you are open to investing some of that added profit to participate in a Strategic Profit Planning Session. He is not asking you to commit to anything. Just that you are open to it. Fair enough?

$100,000 in 8 minutes flat!

"In the first 30 minutes of my brainstorming session with Scott, he uncovered an absolute no brainer way to increase our profits by over $10,000 per month."

Martin Lightbowne,
Explosive Consultants

Listen to what Martin has to say

To participate in the FREE Profit Brainstorming Call with Scott, simply fill out the 60 Second Qualification Form and I will call you for a 7 minute Qualification call so I can answer any questions and make sure you are set to maximize your time with him.

To your success,

Jeffrey Schiller
Coaching Services Representative

PS - It is not often you get to have a two-time INC 500 CEO to talk to about your business…much less for free. Due to the extensive time this process takes, and his already demanding schedule, Scott has strictly limited the Free Profit Sessions to 20. So I urge you to call immediately.

>> Hear what Other Entrepreneurs Say About this Incredible Free Profit Call <<

YES!  I want to be considered for one of the 20 "Strategic Profit Planning Sessions" by INC 500 CEO Scott Hallman.
I understand that if qualified, I will get the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with Scott to help me identify profit opportunities in my existing business and learn more about the Strategic Profit Planning Session with Scott. If Scott can find me profits, I am open to discussing the investment in his Strategic Profit Planning Session to help me find hundreds of thousands in added profits from my current business.

Request without all information and a valid email and office number will not be processed. Sales are actual income to your business.

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