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The Power of ONE™

The Ultimate Business Growth System™ 


It All Started With...
Scott's 12 Power Growth Strategies

  This is the original Interactive Audio Program including 15 tapes with over 20 hours of Scott guiding you step-by-step through each of the Top 12 Business Growth and Profit strategies used by leading companies from around the globe. Scott ensures you successfully implement these growth strategies within your company by using the same "fool proof" system that he used to build three national companies - including the 59th Fastest Growing Private Company in America).



After just one session you will identify profits that you can easily cultivate — profits that will pay for this program at least 10 times over!

Also included is over 400 pages of support material and templates to help you successfully implement Scott's 12 Power Growth Strategies — all requiring little time, money, effort or risk.

Over 120 worksheet assignments and templates to help you customize the world's best marketing and sales strategies to your unique business. Plus over 200 specific business application examples that you can immediately apply!

These audios, combined with our interactive exercises, will help you customize and apply these powerful, proven growth strategies to your unique business.

Every power growth strategy includes step-by-step instructions for putting them into action, whether you are a novice or expert marketer.

All you need to do is implement these time tested, proven marketing and sales methods and following Scott's "secret weapon formula" to achieve the same results as the ultra successful companies they were modeled after.

The investment in this proven growth system program is only $1595 and we'll throw in Free Bonuses worth over $400.  Plus a better than Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee! Buy Both Programs and Save!

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The Power of ONE™ — LIVE! 

A companion program for The Power of ONE


The Business Growth Coaching program is a monthly interactive coaching session where Scott gets deep on each of the 12 Power Growth Strategies and works with companies from around the world in a Live Group Conference call with has private clients.

Hear how others are applying the strategies, and how those that struggled are helped by Scott – live!

In addition, Scott interviews prominent guest that share their best methods for sales, presentations, tax strategies, time management, top ways to raise capital — even in a down market, and more.

You will learn real world applications from businesses for every industry imaginable. The added distinctions, updates and breakthroughs are worth their weight in gold.


The home study version is $1,595 (excludes one-on-one coaching) Available here for $1595 Buy Both Programs and Save!


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The 12 Monthly Growth Sessions


Section 1- Maximizing Profits

Start here if you have an established business 

with multiple transactions


Focus First On Mining The Treasure Within Your Business


 Growth Session 1  

 "The Power of ONE - The Ultimate Business Growth System™"

This is an introductory tape that explains, in detail, the four reasons why businesses do not implement effectively on a consistent basis and how you can make simple changes to create powerful profit making changes consistently. Plus, you will learn 10 powerful fundamentals of marketing that will both produce profits and help you maximize the applications you will learn during this program


Growth Session 2 

"How to Effortlessly Get 30% of Your Customers to Dramatically Increase their Average Purchase (and your profits as well)"

How would you like to increase your profits 20% or more by simply asking one question of each customer? This is based on a universally applicable profit strategy that produces 30% of one of the world largest companies profits - and has for 30 years. How's that for "tried and proven"? In this growth session, you will learn simple, yet powerful ways to increase your customer's average purchase while they are in their "Purchase State". If you are an established business you will pay for the Power of ONE program multiple times over from this single strategy.



Growth Session 3 

 "Condition Your Customers to Purchase 20% More Often, While Keeping Them Loyal to Your Business"

Customers benefit from purchasing your products and services when they are needed. However, over 50% of them fail to do so timely. In this session, you will learn 5 powerful ways to motivate your customers to purchase more often (and more of what you provide), and increase your revenues by 10%-30% effortlessly.



Growth Session 4

 "Start to Finish Total Customer Satisfaction" - Ten Opportunities to Increase Customers Retention by 50% or More

Losing customers is devastating to your profits! Studies show that reducing your attrition rate by just 5% can increase your profits by 20% or more. In this growth session, we will show you several simple methods for dramatically increasing your customer satisfaction and reducing your attrition rate by 50% or more (the same ones Scott used to retain 92% of his major healthcare clients over an 8 year period). 



Growth Session 5 

"How to Create 'Active' Referral Systems to Double or Triple Your Referrals Effortlessly"  

Growing your business through referrals is both the least costly and the most powerful marketing strategy. However, 94% of small businesses lack a formalized system. In this growth session, we will show you how the most successful companies employ "Active Referral Systems" to double their business in less than a year. Plus, 16 Common Reasons Why Referral Systems Fail and how to make simple changes that unlock a floodgate of new customers. 



Growth Session 6 

"How to Increase Revenue 10%-50% by Providing Your Customers with a Continuous Stream of Products and Services They Need and Want"

Learn to uncover your greatest business asset. In this growth session, you will learn how to turn your customers into Lifetime Customers, while simultaneously expanding the items they currently purchase. Get them to purchase more of what you (and other companies) provide consistently and effortlessly.



Section 2- Maximizing Sales

Start here if you are a start up, have few customers, or are looking to expand your sales as a first priority once completed you can return and complete the other sessions.

Now it is time to focus on driving in sales. To accomplish this we will have to work this program in a specific order starting with session 11, 12, 8, 9, 10, 7 this format has been battle tested and proven with our coaching clients.



Growth Session 7 

"The Power of Strategic Endorsement™ — How to Double Your Sales Force Without Spending a Dime"

The most powerful marketing leverage on the planet! There are tons of other businesses that have strong relationships with your targeted prospects. In addition, there are many products /services that your loyal clients buy from someone else (now they can buy from you). In this growth session you will learn how to leverage off of these businesses to expand your sales force without spending a dime. This is the first detailed "How to form strategic alliances that work "program — down to the details of contracts, scripts, deal structures, payment options, measurements, profit analysis and more.



Growth Session 8 

"Reduce Your Cost of Acquiring New Customers by 50%-80% Through the Use of a Laser Marketing System™"

Once you have clarity on your compelling competitive advantages, you must now determine your PinPoint Targeted Prospects™. Today, marketing success requires repetition. However, most businesses stop their marketing and sales efforts long before they have a chance to work. Repetition is costly and therefore small businesses must focus their efforts and dollars on the highest quality prospects, which have the highest probability of becoming loyal customers. Many businesses waste enormous time and money trying to convert low value, low probability, and low quality prospects. In this session, you will learn how to pinpoint your best prospects and then concentrate your marketing efforts so you can afford the repetition that will guarantee success.




Growth Session 9 

"How to Use The Power of Compelling Incentives to Lure Your Prospects Away From Your Competitors"

Now as you have crystallized your competitive advantages and determined your precise target prospects, what tools are you going to use to communicate your message to win them as customers? Gaining the opportunity to demonstrate your target prospects the advantages of doing business with you is perhaps the number one key to winning new customers. In this session, we will teach you how to motivate prospects to take advantage of your offer(s), and then convert them into long-term loyal customers. Plus, you will also learn six powerful ways to communicate your offer and the eight elements every communication must have to succeed.




Growth Session 10 

"How to Package Synergistic Products/Services to Increase Profits 25%-30%"

Packaging the right combination of products and services together drastically increases the perceived value your customer will receive. In this session, you will learn several methods for increasing the customer's perceived value while increasing your profits substantially.  Plus, how to use packaging to reach different segments of the market — a critical strategy during a recession.



Growth Session 11

"Creating Competitive Advantages to Differentiate You from Your Competitors"

This is part one of the most important business planning you will ever do. Differentiating your business from your competitors is critical in avoiding "ruinous competition"(caused by competing on price) and thriving in a down economy. You must be able to clearly communicate why a prospect should select you over your competitors. This requires getting clear on your primary competitive advantages, and modifying these if necessary to meet the needs of your target audience. In this session, we will show you several simple methods for getting your customers and prospects to see you as superior to all your competitors.



Growth Session 12

"Creating a Compelling Competitive Advantage to Make Your Business the Logical Choice"

This is part two of the most important business planning you will ever do. Finding the right "market position", based on your competencies and customer/prospect needs, is the single biggest advantage a company can have. In addition, you must ensure that you have the systems in place (your supporting business model) to "walk your talk" and consistently deliver your promised benefits. In this session, we will help you find your Compelling Competitive Advantage that will make you The Logical Choice in your customer's minds — and "walk your talk".


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"Four years ago I was operating my dream out of a farm house. I then came across The Power of ONE and I owe our incredible success to this program. I listen to the tapes frequently and continually hit myself on the head when I hear Scott highlight something we should be doing."  -- Dan Gleason, CEO, MyTaxMan, Franklin, TN 


"The Power of ONE Program is different than any other marketing program I have ever come across. The strategies are clearly laid out in an easy to follow systematic process. I train Professional and Olympic athletes who already know what I teach them. However, they need me to both coach them on specifically how to maximize their results and to motivate them to take consistent action – this is what The Power of ONE program does for small businesses."

Frank Ardito,  Otidra Human Performance Centers, Chicago Blackhawks hockey team & Olympic Athletes, Cary, IL


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