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Endorsements & Testimonials

No one has been paid for their endorsement. 

These summaries are from letters on file in our office. 

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"I went into the business growth coaching program excited but a bit cautious.  I did not want to be in a position where I had to “sell” my patients but instead to continue my focus on treating patients. 

After just 30 days of coaching, we have implemented two programs that will produce over $275,000 in profits for my practice, based on actual results.  In addition I have had so many patient’s thank me for introducing them to these services, because they have helped so much".
--Dr. George Fraudin, 
Pittsburgh, PA

“In a simple workshop with Scott Hallman, he uncovered $1,500,000 in additional profit from our customer base. This will ultimately be worth over $15M to our company”. 

--Aslan Mirkalami, President, Rugman , Toronto, Ontario Canada


"As a top executive at Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard and a founding executive at Netscape Communications, I have worked with some of the most brilliant and innovative people in business. Scott possesses the same characteristics that helped these individuals create exemplary success. …Scott is an exceptional entrepreneur who possesses the rare ability to both innovate and implement winning concepts". 

--John Kohler,  Managing Partner of Redleaf Venture Capital (former Netscape founding executive) San Jose, CA


“Scott Hallman is the undisputed master of implementation.   I highly recommend his system,  if you want to turn great ideas into great profits". 
--Jay Abraham, 

The World's Most Expensive Marketing Consultant , Palos Verdes, CA


“Scott your assistance has been incredibly profitable for me. Just this past year we have grown over 200% and look to duplicate that this coming year!

--Max Wolf, CBS Payroll Solutions, Haslett, MI

"Our number one goal was to increase the number of agents, and I must say we blew the lid off this one. We started with 123 agents and now have 210, a 71% increase - making us one of Dallas' fastest growing realtor firms. In the same time we increased our profits over 700% and what's even more incredible is the fact we only spend one hour per month working with Scott!"
--Paul & Judi Bermudez, Ultima Real Estate Services, Dallas, Texas

"Scott Hallman is a driving executive that can create more innovative concepts for growth in a few hours then most top executives do in a lifetime".
Len Piazzon, Vice President – Brinks Security,
San Jose, CA

"Scott's ability to spot opportunity and develop it into a working model is truly unique. He took a $30 million division and created a $150 million business model that utilized the expertise and strengths of our organization".

--Craig McCauley, Vice President – Pitney Bowes Management Services, Los Angeles, CA


“There’s no time for big concepts, a lot of hype, or “experimental” sales and marketing tactics…many businesses are seeing huge drops in business in the current economy. But savvy companies know when it is time to focus on time-tested, proven results-based, low risk marketing/sales methods...and nobody is better at implementing these strategies than Scott Hallman.”
--Chet Holmes, Top Fortune 500 Consultant and author of Mega Marketing, San Francisco, CA

“The coaching session exceeded my expectations. I did not know really what to expect when I started my call with Scott Hallman but I knew he had a reputation for knowing a lot about business but I was very, very pleased by the level of direct application and focus on my business.  This is something you do not get when you are listening to tapes in your car.  I think it was a great value for the investment. I now can see numerous opportunities we’ve identified and we are only half way through the initial assessment. Thanks, Scott".
--John Bedosky, Lowry Hill (a division of Wells Fargo)

"I have attended, and taken my staff to dozens of marketing programs. The Power of ONE is the first set of tapes that I feel I can teach to my staff, not just to get them motivated, but to produce measurable results".

--Dr. Napolitano,  Orthodontist / Entrepreneur


"The Power of ONE Program is different than any other marketing program I have ever come across. The strategies are clearly laid out in an easy to follow systematic process. "I train Professional and Olympic athletes who already know what I teach them. However, they need me to both coach them on specifically how to maximize their results and to motivate them to take consistent action – this is what The Power of ONE program does for small businesses".

--Frank Ardito,  Otidra Human Performance Centers, Chicago Blackhawks hockey team & Olympic Athletes, Cary, IL


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