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FAQ: Questions and Answers
Q. How can I be sure Scott’s systems really work?
  All Scott’s Interactive Programs come with a full refund 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t expect to generate at least 1,000% return on your investment. It really doesn’t matter if it works for us. It matters only that it works for you.
Q. What makes your system so much better than anyone else’s or the one I use now?
  I will answer this question, with a question, “Does the program you have or have heard about, provide detailed, step-by-step actionable implementation developed by a real-world success entrepreneur like Scott? Scott’s systems are ALL designed to first identify immediate profit opportunities so that our program is virtually free (even for his $60,000 retainer clients).
Q. Why would you want to let this out if it works so well?
  Business is not static, it is dynamic. This means success systems are continuously evolving. Scott is a master modeler – continually converting the leading business growth success strategies and tactics in simple, actionable systems that ANY business can implement. As Scott always says, “I can tell 100 companies what to do and only 1 will do it without the specific HOW.
Q. Is this some kind of INTERNET system?
  NO! Scott’s programs can be used in any medium – the – direct mail, advertising, direct sales, telesales, email, and yes the internet. What you will learn is how to do business in any environment, with any medium.


Ok, You're Still Not Convinced...May We Ask Why?


Q. Does it Sound Too Good to Be True?  

Test Us! Make us prove how great this program is order it now and if you are not absolutely, satisfied and convinced that you will get at least ten times your investment back return it and keep all the FREE bonuses! 

What Could be More Fair? - We Take All The Risk!

Q. Are You Afraid that Your Business is Different?  
We provide examples from every business type in every industry to help you apply the strategies to you unique business. Over 500 companies from over 148 different industries in numerous countries around the world have successfully used this proven, powerful system to grow their sales and profits.
Q. Do You Believe You Have No Time? 
If I told you that I would pay you $1,000. - $5,000. -$10,000 per hour would you make time? YES, this program has proven to pay off for our clients at rates even higher than $10,000. per hour! Can you make time for this kind of ROI?
Q. Do You Think You Have No Experience?

You do not need to be a marketing expert.  Your experience is not needed. We created this program to guide you step by step through the entire business growth process.


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