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April 4th, 2009 Update

Scott Just Uncovered Over $44,200,000 in Just 90 Minutes

Scott Just Spoke at Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Mastery Summit where over 450 business owners said he found them at least $10,000 in pure profit from a 90 minute workshop.. and 25% of them expect to earn over $100,000… with the high being $11M!!all without spending a dime on advertising or marketing

Now, Scott is conducting a 16 Week, in the trenches, Tele-training program to help business owners IMPLEMENT these proven profits strategies to their fullest…without spending a dime on advertaing or marketing!!!!

Learn About the ProfitNow2009 16 Week Training Program

Learn HOW to Effectively Implement The Best Profit Strategies on the Planet

Regardless of Your Industry, Size or Location

Scott Hallman has built companies that have twice been named to the prestigious Inc 500 list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies (#59 and #106), and another start up that went from $0 to $85M in 21 months (with scheduled IPO that valued the company at over $1 BILLION). In addition, he has bought and sold 11 companies and raised over $77 million.

Now you can gain access to his breakthrough, leading edge, systematic marketing and business growth strategies and techniques. These powerful, "field-tested" methods are applicable to EVERY company, regardless of size (our clients range from start-ups to $6B ), industry (we've worked with over 148 different industries — B2B, Internet, B2C, Dr's, industrial, retail, service etc),
and regardless of geographic location (our clients are from all over the world – in both rural to urban locations).

The Leading Business Experts All Agree That Scott Delivers Big Results

Scott has conducted seminars with leading business growth trainers, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, and shared the stage with Michael Basch (Co-founder of FedEx), Brian Tracy, and Joel Christopher to name a few.  For more info click here.


Perhaps more important is the testimonials of actual clients. You can use the link on the left hand side for our Case Studies or take a moment and page down to hear from 10 clients that added $29M in new profit streams applying Scott’s business growth systems.

Systematically Add $25,000-$1,000,000 In Profit From Existing Customers

EVERY business has massive opportunity to increase profits from their existing business (plus drive in new customers like crazy, which I will talk about in a moment) — from the same customers, same employees, same products and services — by adding a few simple strategies and techniques and optimizing current procedures and programs.

Working with Scott's business growth success systems (whether via personal coaching or interactive training programs) you will produce IMMEDIATE streams of profits. His ProfitNow™ technologies identify simple yet powerful ways to immediately increase sales and profits within your existing business. 

These growth strategies include new breakthrough "field tested" strategies and techniques that come from leading companies from around the world. PLUS, Scott's Leverage Your Success™ technology will show you how to increase your profits by 20-100% by improving what you already do well!

By simply following Scott's step-by-step success implementation formulas you are guaranteed significant measurable profits with little time, money, effort or risk (to learn details, read on).

FINALLY, Learn Exactly How To Design, Develop, and Implement A Multi-Faceted New Client Acquisition System (or We Will Do It For You)

You have heard every expert tell you that you need to develop powerful marketing campaigns that involve the right combination of advertising, direct mail, email, telesales, faxing, PR an so on. BUT they fail to show you HOW (i.e. precisely what to write, when to run or send, in what order, with what message, with what call to action, in what type of package or presentation etc). 

The fact is, without this step-by-step guidance, 99% of you will never achieve optimum results and therefore leave, literally, hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in untapped, easy to cultivate profit.

Scott's Marketing Workshops will program the step-by-step actions to ensure that you pierce through your target prospects "shields" (through all the clutter), get your message across, and methodically convert prospects to customers (and customers into lifetime customers) following his Sequential Marketing™, multi-step, multi-media, systematic new customer (or patient) acquisition system.

If You Have Invested In Marketing and Sales Programs
BUT Have Failed To Produce Results - This Can End NOW!

82.7% of Clients Invested $1,000-$25,000 Marketing/Sales Programs

If you have invested in programs from other leading marketing and sales consultants or trainers but have failed to produce results, Scott's systems will provide with the missing elements that guarantee you start producing significant profits from what you have learned.

Many of these other programs include great ideas and information but they fail to provide you with the real-world HOW. In contrast, my experience building several national companies from the ground up, and personally working in the trenches with companies in 146 different industries, forced me to figure out HOW any business can successfully implement winning strategies).

Forget the hype, grand ideas, and hypothetical ways to built your business. The fact is IT's ALL ABOUT IMPLEMENTATION™. One winning idea effectively implemented is worth infinitely more than 1000 ideas that never get applied.
Our business growth systems are modeled from successful companies from around the globe. We've extracted the "best of the best" winning marketing and sales strategies and techniques, and turbo-charged these after battle testing them in 100+ industries. Our program will guide you to implementing PROVEN, results-producing business growth systems in your company.

If you have struggled with prospect marketing but can'’t get results — We'll show you HOW
If your customers are failing to repeat purchase (and you are missing out on 20%-50% of the potential) — We'll show you HOW
If you don't have an effective referral system(s) but believe this could add $10,000-$1M to your profits without spending a dime — We'll show you HOW
If you do not have a systematic follow up system to maximize revenue from your clients and therefore are missing out on massive wealth creation — We'll show you HOW
If you have failed at Strategic Alliances (or never tried) but know that having influential people and businesses endorse your products/services will skyrocket sales without any investment — We'll show you HOW
If you can't get your employees to duplicate your success or produce at the highest level, and therefore are under-producing by 25%-50% — We'll show you HOW
If you have failed at Time Management but want slash 5-10 hours of your workweek  — We'll show you HOW
If you lack systems, procedures and to ensure you maximize your sales and profits - both short term and long term — We'll show you HOW
If your business or industry is at a dead-end or worse is dying off, and you want to reposition your company — We'll show you HOW
If you have a highly successful company or marketing technique or any other success system and want to earn big $$$ from your intellectual capital — We'll show you HOW
If you want to arm your sales team with powerful tools that guarantee they get past the gatekeeper, secure a meeting with the decision maker, present a powerful, compelling sales story to make you the logical choice, and close like a champion  — We'll show you HOW

It's ALL About Implementation

Learn first-hand, via 3-5 minute audio clips (see real-world success stories below), from companies that have dramatically increased profits from existing customers, increased referrals dramatically, and reinvented themselves in the wake of the recession and overseas competition.

PLUS hear how they tripled new customers by adding a systematic new client program, sold their intellectual property (success systems) to generate over $1M in "found" profit, turbo-charged per sales profits, purchased competitors, and literally transformed their businesses, and their lives, by following Scott's Business Growth Success Systems.

In addition, you will hear how medical practices, consultants, industrial companies, MLM distributors, real estate companies and more have applied Scott's systems to produce amazing profit increases.

Learn About the ProfitNow2009 16 Week Training Program

Small Business Marketing & Small Business Coaching with Scott Hallman Successful Entrepreneur

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